Press Release & Exhibits


  • 2012,June 2. Solo exhibit Games of the Unconsciousat Frameworks, Coconut Grove, Miami, Fl.
  • 2013,April 6. Group exhibit Drawings and Sketchesin Blu Moon Studio, Coconut Grove, Miami, Fl.
  • 2013,May 25. Group exhibit on literature & art night at Rincon Caribeo Restaurant on Miami, Fl.
  • 2013, June 12 . Group exhibit MIART at Ivan Galindos Art Studio in Miami, Fl.
  • 2013, July 25-27 . Group exhibit “De aqui y de alla” at Gotan Space in Union City, NJ
  • 2013, August 28 . Group exhibit”Art Fusion” at Marco Polo Hotel Gallery, Sunny Isles, Miami, Fl.
  • 2013,October 26-27 . Exhibit booth at Coral Gables Hispanic Cultural Festival, Miami, Fl.
  • 2014,February 15-17 . Exhibit booth at St. Stephen Art Show 2014, Coconut Grove,Miami, Fl.


*Videos about the exhibit “Games of the Unconscious”

Opening Night (June 2, 2012)

Promotional Video

*Press release note right after the opening night of my exhibit “Game of the Unconscious” in Neo Club Press(spanish)

*Right before the opening night of my first individual exhibition Armando de Armas write Daphne Rosas o los juegos del inconsciente”for Diario de Cuba. (spanish)

*Interview“Daphne Rosas, la esencia en el espacioby Denis Fortun for Neo Club Press (spanish)

*Angel Velasquez Callejas writes for Neo Club Press:

“El impulso poetico en los juegos del inconsciente”( full version in spanish) :

The images travel from her heart to their manifestation. She has experimented with a way of understanding reality through feelings. Daphne has dreamed at the “esoteric” and “astral” levels without acknowledging the extent of that dream. She has traveled in space and penetrated into her former life. She has had a color vision of her past, the point where death welcomes birth. Daphne has crossed the barrier of reason and the surreal. She has caught a glimpse of the meaninglessness of reality, which will give her a final boost into eternity.

El signigicado pictorico en la obra de Daphne Rosas” (spanish)

*Interview “Daphne Rosas en el salto del angel” by Armando de Armas for Marti Noticias, reproduced later on in the blog La Otra Esquina de Las Palabras (Spanish)